Global Health in Island Communities, run in partnership with Western Washington University, is an intensive two-month field program in Bali and East Timor. It encompasses studies in Balinese and East Timorese culture, health care, and public health with opportunities for service learning. A primary focus will be on how communities respond to critical social and health challenges, in ways that promote sustainability and well-being. During the trip, we will be staying with local communities, sharing their experiences, and participating in community health projects.


The program will introduce the main concepts of global health, with a particular emphasis on island communities. It will cover leading causes of mortality and morbidity in the region, local healthcare institutions and services, sanitation and hygiene in remote locations, health vs. disease orientation in health services, social determinants of health, and community self care when services are not available. It will also explore ethical dimensions of practicing medicine and public health in an international context.


  • Study global health and international service learning
  • Live and travel for seven weeks in Bali and East Timor
  • Experience Balinese and Timorese culture & environment
  • Work with grassroots organizations on community health and education projects
  • 15 credits through Western Washington University



Sep 27 - Dec 14

$8,000per student

  • 15 credits through Western Washington University
  • International airfare
  • Daily living expenses (food, lodging)
  • In-country transportation
  • Admissions (temples, parks, etc.)
  • Trek and other excursions
  • Travel Health Insurance
  • Visa
  • Immunizations/personal medical expenses
  • Independent travel


Ba Futuru’s mission is to build a peaceful, positive, and productive Timor-Leste through using innovative approaches that will protect children, reduce violence, empower women, and inspire young learners. Their name ‘Ba Futuru’, in the local language Tetun, means ‘For the Future.’ Since founding in 2004, they have provided life-enhancing programming to more than 40,000 children, young people, women, parents, teachers, community leaders, police, government and other key community actors. They specialize in peace building, gender empowerment, child protection education, teaching approaches and conflict transformation.


Frank James

IVS Board President             Health Officer, San Juan County; Health Officer, Nooksack Tribe

Vindy Garcha, MD

Trip Leader | Medical Advisor

Bipin Lama

Trip Leader | Project Coordinator

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