Documenting Democracy: Storytelling and the Future of India From Mumbai to the Himalayas

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These days, the story of development is synonymous with the story of progress. The city is the shiny, sky-scraping future—and the village, the dusty, idle past. But how do the stories we tell and those we don’t shape our perceptions, the reality even, of these spaces? Are they as disparate and disconnected as we think?

On this experiential storytelling program, students will travel to the urban and rural frontlines of India’s developing future to investigate what progress looks like. While exploring different cultural and political landscapes and climates, students will consider ideas around international relations, borders, and India’s geopolitical and global importance. From the coastal city of Mumbai to the towering Himalayas, from Worli painters to winding rivers, city trees to mega-dams—students, with three professional storytellers as their guides and mentors, will build an experiential storytelling toolkit that challenges the ways we see and capture our fast-changing world.

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