Scholarships & Financial Aid

Financial aid and scholarships to study abroad in nepal

financial aid

All participants from Western Washington University (WWU) are eligible for financial aid just like any quarter on campus. Check with the financial aid office to see how your award might apply to an IVS program.

If you’re a non-WWU student, you’re still welcome to travel with us. Check with your home institution about financial aid and how credit might apply. Most students enroll in WWU through the Education Abroad office after they have been accepted to the study abroad program of their choice. All WWU Global Learning programs charge the equivalent of in-state tuition; it may be an affordable choice for some. Ask us for details.


Institute for village studies Scholarship

We offer a bi-annual scholarship for students participating in IVS programs. Every Summer and Fall we will offer two scholarships of $250 each.

Are you eligible to apply?

  • You have applied to a program leaving January 2020

  • 2.75 GPA

  • Demonstrate financial need OR identify with an underrepresented group in education abroad programs. For the purpose of this scholarship, diversity is defined broadly. To be an underrepresented student in study abroad, diversity might include: being a first-generation university student, being from a rural community, having a diverse ethnic or racial background, having a physical or cognitive disability, having a diverse sexual orientation and/or gender identity, being of a non-traditional university student age, having high financial need, being a veteran, and more.

Fall Application Deadline: October 31, 2019

Eligible Programs: Global Health & Community Building in Rwanda & Indigenous Knowledge & Sustainability in Thailand

Financial aid and scholarships to study abroad in Vietnam
Financial aid and scholarships to study abroad in Vietnam

other scholarship opportunities

The best way to get a scholarship or grant to fund your study abroad experience is to apply early. Some notable awards to check out include:

For a complete list, take a look at the scholarships compiled by the Education Abroad Office at Western Washington University.


Contact us with questions. We are always willing to help!