Privacy Policy

The Institute for Village Studies recognizes the importance of protecting the confidentiality and privacy of its students and visitors of our website. If you have questions about any portion of our privacy policy, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What information do we collect?

The only information we collect is the information volunteered by you, the website visitor. For example, we gather information when you enter your email to sign up for our newsletter or apply to a program. However, we will never share, sell, rent, or trade any information with any third-party provider. Our goal is to offer the best service possible and keep you updated on the work we are doing in village communities around the world.

What about emails?

Emails are an essential way for us to stay in touch with you. We use a third-party email marketing platform to deliver emails to folks that sign up. This company employs techniques for tracking open rates and click-throughs by using an email address as an identifier. This data helps us understand if the content we are sending resonates with supporters and prospective students.

Our goal is only to deliver the content that you want. You will be given the option to remove your name from our email list at any time. And, again, we will not share, sell, rent or swap your email address to a third-party.

Study Abroad Applications?

The information collected through the Application Page is used solely by the Institute For Village Studies and information is kept confidential. No information will be released to anyone or published without your prior consent.

online donations?

We take your privacy and security seriously. Our online donation page is encrypted, and the third-party providers we use takes precautions to protect your privacy and financial information. However, with all transactions online, there is always a risk.


A cookie is a small packet of information that our website provider puts on your computer’s hard drive whenever a user visits our web site. Be aware that some of the third-party software we use may also use cookies. It helps us to understand our website traffic better and make sure we offer the best experience we can online.

  • Cookies help us limit the number of pop-ups you might see on our website.

  • We use Google Analytics and Squarespace to analyze traffic to this website. These analytic services do not create individual profiles for visitors. They collect only aggregate data. To that end, we look at the information outlined below, but remember we do not know who you are - just a total number of people visiting our website.

    • Your IP address. That way, we can identify unique visitors and get a better idea of how many people are visiting our website each month. Our goal is to increase our visibility and understanding how many people visit our website is one way to help us achieve that goal.

    • How you were referred to our web site (i.e., google, facebook, an email, etc.). This helps us understand how people are getting to our website in the first place. By knowing where visitors are coming from, we can target those platforms to enhance our web commerce and more effectively let people know what we are doing in the fields of cross-cultural education and community-driven development.

    • The number of pages you viewed. This helps us see if you liked our content and took time to look at more than one page. If you immediately left our website or only looked at one page, it helps us know we need to produce more engaging content that resonates with our supporters and students.