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Climate Change in Zanskar

In the alpine desert of Zanskar, water is literally life here and the communities have developed elaborate systems on how to manage this scarce resource. Unfortunately, climate change is now impacting their way of life and their future in the valley. We have been working with Stongdey Village for the past four years on building artificial glaciers in the stream valley above the village to help mitigate impacts.

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Trek from Zanskar to Darcha

We made it - six day trek, indescribably beautiful, up raging river canyons, beneath towering peaks and hanging glaciers, camping amid blue poppies and fields of wildflowers, feasting on great Tibetan food prepared by three cooks - and with the help of ponies which for centuries have been the mode of transporting loads across the trails and passes such as that we used to cross the Himalaya range from Zanskar to Himachal Pradesh.

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