Introducing the IVS LEAD Board


We are proud to announce the IVS LEAD Board, which is a diverse representation of Washington's brightest women and men aged 20-40 years old. Apply Today!

The Leadership Exploration Action and Development (LEAD) board will function as an integral part of the Institute for Village Studies (IVS) to help achieve its mission to collaborate with village communities in achieving their vision for a better future at home and abroad. Those who participate on the IVS LEAD board will not only help promote its mission and programs in our local community, but will also serve as an important link between the social and environmental justice projects that the organization participates in abroad. The IVS LEAD board will engage with the local community to achieve this mission in various innovative and collaborative ways such as; building relationships with other nonprofits, providing a platform for alumni to share their experiences and ideas, and developing local and international projects that are aligned with IVS programs and initiatives.

The IVS LEAD board is comprised of creative leaders who are working to make a difference both at home and abroad and who recognize the value and importance of international travel, social justice, and environmental stewardship. To learn more and become involved in this exciting and creative opportunity, apply for membership today.

Kelsey Burghoffer, who was born and raised in Bellingham, is working to launch the IVS LEAD board and she has been passionate about travel and making a difference in the world around her for as long as she can remember. Trips to Mexico and Europe when she was younger left her feeling inspired and humbled by the magnificence of the world and the people in it, but always felt like something was missing from just exploring the “tourist” routes. She longed to dig deeper into the cultures of the places she visited, which were so different from her own, and really connect with the people who lived there.

She was fortunate enough to go to India and Thailand with the Institute for Village Studies when she attended Western Washington University in 2009 and it was on that trip that Kelsey learned how to travel in a way that had been missing from her other experiences; a way to travel where one can develop close relationships and connections with people by living in and collaborating with their community. The cross cultural educational programs that IVS provides has the potential to change not only how one views the world, but also empowers those who participate by practicing how they can truly make a difference with local visionaries and experts.


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