Nepal Earthquake Relief Efforts

Rasuwa, Nepal
Dear Friends,

As you know, the earthquake in Nepal last month killed more than 8,000 people, while destroying the homes and livelihood of countless others.

The Institute has very strong ties to villages in the Rasuwa and Langtang regions of northern Nepal. These remote areas were devastated by the earthquake, and because of their remoteness, are getting little, if any, help from large agencies.

Many homes were destroyed and people are sleeping in rudimentary shelters in the open fields. It is the main farming season and they are facing the difficult choice between planting their crops, or trying to salvage temporary shelters out of their demolished houses. If they do not plant their crops now they will not have food supplies and income for next year, but if they do not fix their homes, they will be exposed to the heavy monsoon rains and the diseases they bring. The early rains have already begun and the situation will dramatically worsen by the end of June.

Nepal Earthquake

We are working with the Rural Tourism and Environmental Education Society (RTEES), a local nonprofit based in Rasuwa that has worked in the region for many years. Our immediate efforts have focused on providing food, clothes and medicine. The next urgent need is to raise funds for sturdy tents and waterproof sleeping pads to make it through the monsoon season. We have also made a commitment to support the long-term rebuilding process in Rasuwa, once the initial needs have been met.

We have started collecting donations with an initial goal of $15,000, and so far, have raised $11,868.00.  100% of each dollar we receive goes directly to communities affected by the earthquake. We do not deduct administrative or organizational fees. We are also a 501(c)3 organization and your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

These communities have had a huge impact on our lives and have humbled us with their kindness and compassion. As is often the case, those will the least amount of resources, show the greatest amount of generosity.

Thank you for your support, we greatly appreciate it.
Frank, Kelly, Charlie and the IVS community



We will continue to update this page with photos and additional information as the relief efforts progress.

Message from Kelly
Photos of Rasuwa District
Update 1: Initial Relief Supplies
Update 2: Round 2 of Relief Supplies


Message from Bipin Lama, Director of RTEES


By now you are all aware of the massive earthquake that has devastated many lives in Nepal. The Langtang Region is one of the most highly affected areas. In this region more than 2,000 people have been reported dead and with many more having lost their homes. As of April 30, 2015, it is estimated that 2.8 million Nepalese are displaced, as over 70,000 houses are believed to be destroyed and another 530,000 homes damaged across 39 affected districts. While people are still being rescue from places like Langtang – the border area of Nepal and Tibet – there are many villages and communities that have not been reached because they are so remotely located. All over villages are broken by disaster and all people are living together in open fields for their safety. People are facing problems like difficult access to food, drinking water, safe shelter and medical care. Due to this incredible situation I would like to request you all to assist those people facing such hardships in the rural area of my region by making a donation. If you like to help them please consider donating to our organization – RTEES Nepal (Rural Tourism and Environmental Education Society) Nepal – is a local NGO of Rasuwa District – one of the most affected districts by this disaster. We have been working for many years in Rasuwa District.

Your support can assist the survivors of the earthquake to build back their lives. We will inform you of all the activities that we will carry out and will maintain accurate accounts of all donations received.

Thank you.

Bipin Lama, Director of RTEES



Message from Kelly Baxter, UW Medical Student

Last summer Hannah and I were extremely fortunate to join Dr. Frank James and a medical team from Taiwan in Nepal for one month on a medical service trip. Our time in Nepal changed our lives forever and opened our eyes to the true meaning of happiness and the goodness in this world. As we were leaving our final night in Nepal, we made a promise to the monks there that we would come back, hoping that next time we could offer them a gift that would reflect the impact they had on us. This weekend we were devastated to learn of the extensive damage in Kathmandu and throughout Nepal. Some of the villages we traveled to are gone, washed away by landslides and avalanches, many of the famous ruins we saw have crumbled and several of our friends have not yet been located. We are reaching out to our family and friends hoping to raise money to send directly to our local contacts in Nepal in an effort to show them that they are not alone and that their kindness is not forgotten.

100% of the money donated will be given to local relief contacts and to villages in the Rasuwa district of Nepal who are isolated and have a very long road to recovery ahead. This particular effort is just one of many trying to get money to those who may not get any support otherwise, so you can make no wrong choice in where to donate. Many have lost everything and seemingly small amount out of our pockets could make a huge impact in Nepal where $200 dollars a year is not an unusual household income.  Any amount is greatly appreciated and we ask that you please share this with others and talk about this tragedy to increase awareness for the thousands who have lost their homes and loved ones.


Photos of Rasuwa District


Initial Relief Supplies

RTEES Relief 3
Round 2 of Relief Supplies

On this visit we were able to deliver water tanks and pipes to the villagers. We have place the tanks in proper location in between the village and buried the pipe line from the water source point to the village. The villagers are happy with us and thankful to the donors.

With Regards,
Bipin Lama

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