Become a Village Champion

Join our campus outreach team and help spread the word about IVS programs. IVS Champions will play an active role in helping develop and implement the on-campus marketing and communications strategy each quarter. This will include co-developing a plan with IVS staff and select board members, as well as working with the group to carry out activities.

What will you gain?

  • Transferable skills in outreach & marketing that may help you in your future career

  • Hone your leadership skills by becoming a peer mentor for students that are about to leave on an IVS trip

  • Stay engaged in IVS activities in Bellingham after you return from your trip abroad

  • A stipend to help compensate for transportation and other costs to be a Village Champion

Photo Credit:  Sarah Musgrave

Photo Credit: Sarah Musgrave


Location: University campuses, including WWU

Oversight: You will work directly with the Executive Director of IVS, as well as members of the IVS Leadership Board. If you're at the beginning of your career this is a great way to gain experience and get first-hand knowledge of how an NGO operates, and a unique perspective on international education and development.

To Apply: Fill out the application and tell us why you want to be an IVS Champion.