Institute For Village Studies

Community-Driven Development, Research,
and Cross-Cultural Education


The Institute for Village Studies collaborates with village communities to achieve their vision for a better future. We accomplish this through community-driven development, research, and cross-cultural education.


Village Solutions for Global Change

Our approach is bottom-up rather than top-down. We believe the most effective and lasting solutions come from local communities rather than outside experts. Our role is to strengthen these efforts not to design them. We partner with visionary local leaders and organizations with the determination to help their communities thrive and support them through capacity building, technical support, networks, and financial resources.


Study Abroad and Travel Programs

We offer transformative educational opportunities to learn about village cultures, indigenous knowledge, and grassroots development. These programs strive to create lasting cross-cultural relationships built on mutual respect and reciprocity. Grounded in principles of responsible travel, they maintain the welfare of the communities and the integrity of the environments we visit.



2215 Franklin St., Bellingham, WA 98225


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